{"name"    : "Dave Diehl",
                        "title"    : "Owner",
                        "company"  : "nSoft Development LLC",
                        "website"  : "https://nsoft-development.com",
                        "location" : "PO Box 209, Bethesda OH USA 43719",
                        "voice"     : "740.330.3404",
                        "email"     : "ddiehl@nsoft-development.com",
                        "skype"     : "j.david.diehl",
                        "X"         : "@nSoftDevDiehl",
                        "linkedin"  : "http://www.linkedin.com/in/daviddiehl",
                        "skills"    : [ { "sql databases" : [ "SQL Server", "Azure SQL", "MySQL", "PostgreSQL", "MS Access" ]},
                                       { "languages": [ "C#", "Javascript (Node.JS)", "Visual Basic", "PowerShell" ]},
                                       { "frameworks": [ "Entity Framework", "Bootstrap", "jQuery", "React" ]},
                                       { "platforms": [ "Windows", "Linux", "Web", "Cloud (AWS & Azure)" ]}],
                        "employers" : [ "nSoft Development, Bethesda OH (Current)",
                                        "Fusion Alliance, Columbus OH",
                                        "Avanade, Columbus OH",
                                        "eSecuritel, Alpharetta GA",
                                        "ASG (Allen Systems Group), Naples FL",
                                        "Miva Media, Ft Myers FL",
                                        "Thayer Birding Software, Naples FL",
                                        "Full Service Networking, Cincinnati OH",
                                        "Amcast Industrial Corp, Miamisburg OH",
                                        "EDS (Electronic Data Systems/General Motors), Plano TX",
                                        "Sabre Systems and Service, Miamisburg OH",
                                        "Weir Kilby/LB Foster, Cincinnati OH",
                                        "Oxford Savings and Loan, Oxford OH" ],
                        "partial_client_history_list" : 
                                      [ "Ohio State Cosmetology and Barber Board, Columbus OH",
                                        "Status Solutions, Columbus OH", 
                                        "RLS & Associates, Dayton OH",
                                        "DC Morrison, Covington KY", 
                                        "Epworth Park, Bethesda OH",
                                        "Primary Financial Company, Dublin OH",
                                        "BMW Financial, Columbus OH",
                                        "Newell Rubbermaid, Atlanta GA",
                                        "Home Depot Corporate, Atlanta GA" ]

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(If no employer link, company no longer exists. See LinkedIn profile for details.)